Introduction: Upcycled Social Distortion Cylinder Clutch

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This was my first bag covering project - 

I took an old cylinder purse (you know, the ones that were WAY too popular in the '90's... along with mini backpacks, but lets not go there) I found at a thrift shop and stripped it down to bare minimum. The Social Distortion tee was one I've had for a couple years (I think it was a gift), and was waay too small, but I LOVE the graphic. It kinda worked out that the graphic fit around the purse, albeit tightly. 

I started out hand stitching (dual duty & 2ply) the top of the graphic to the purse right at the zipper line, wrapped it around (in retrospect, I should have used some sort of fabric bonding spray), and stitched it to the zipper line on the other side. For the leopard print sides I set the purse on it's side and traced around it directly onto the underside of the leopard fabric. I did glue these down with some tacky glue, so I wouldn't end up sewing the fabric on lop-sided. Instead of trying to get my needle through the pre-fab seam, i stitched the leopard fabric to the side of the graphic.

Because the graphic I used was about 2" shorter than the usable (not including the zipper, because I wasn't covering that) circumference, you can see the bag sort of concaves. When it has things in it, that isn't an issue. Also, yes I know the stitching is very rough, but for this project it totally works! :D