Introduction: Upcycled Sock Puppet

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I have a tendency to wear my socks to the point of no return. While my mother used to use them as dust rags, I thought I could find a more whimsical use, so I've accumulated a selection. At the same time, my wife's crocheting yields a considerable amount of short cut-offs. In this tutorial, I'll show how I've put both to use to create a sock puppet.

Step 1: Making a Hook

So, with our sock and scrap yarn, we'll need some way to weave the yarn in for hair. For Amigurumi, you normally use the same style crochet hook for this operation as for the body. These socks are knitted tighter than anything I had on hand, so I made my own hook from a paper clip. I simply left the small curve in tact and straightened the rest. For our purposes, good enough is good enough.

Step 2: Creating Strands of Hair

The yarn scraps I had were made of 4 strands. I used my fingernails to split and grasp two fibers to each side and pulled. Each pair should stay reasonably wrapped together. This new thickness will have a better fit and move more like hair than if it were left together.

Step 3: Weaving-in the Hair

Now that they're separated, we can pull the strands into the weave of the sock. Take the straight end of the hook and slide it under and through a strand on the sock. Hook the crook around the split strand and pull the hook through. Holding it crook-down was easiest for me. Once through, even out the strand so that it stands the least chance of being pulled free from use.

Step 4: Eyes and Features

There are many options now that the figure has hair. I had safety eyes on hand, so I went that route, but a contrasting thread or felt would be a great option as well.

I'll probably add a fabric tongue to this guy. Perhaps your sock puppet likes to wear a tiny hat. With this project, you have the freedom to add yarn of all different colors. I didn't feel the need to sort or have a certain amount of any particular color.

If you enjoyed this, please check out my other instructables, leave a comment, or follow me on social media. For anyone who makes one of these, I'd love to see pictures of your sock puppets!

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