Upcycled Star Trek Combadge

Introduction: Upcycled Star Trek Combadge

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I love halloween. In college my friends and I dressed up as a different costume every day of the week of halloween. Given that we were in college and so didn't necessarily have the the time or money to come up with 7 stellar costumes we became pretty good at quick costumes. Essentially costumes that are not huge, or complicated, but still qualify and will get you a few smiles. So I decided I would share this one with instructables.

This costume is of a Star Trek crew member who's gotten stranded in our time. It happen every so often in the shows or in the movies that the crew will end up in our time. Well in the 90's or 80's actually but the point stands. They then proceed to wear our clothing except they keep their combadge so as to communicate with each other and the ship. This particular costume is very cheap to make, if you have a decent craft stash it will probably be free, and though it will not garner respect, it will definitely create smiles

I also decided to do the newest version of the combadge because it would only require 2 colors and paint, and because I like the new movies.

Step 1: Gather Materials!

1. Template, above

2. Thin card board, like cereal boxes, or I like mac and cheese boxes.

3. Tacky Glue

4. Silver Acrylic Paint

5. Black Acrylic Paint

6. Small paint brush

7. Angled Paint brush

8. Pin back

9. Boxcutter or exacto knife

10. Pins are helpful

Step 2: Watch the Video!

As I said it works as a last minute costume. You won't gain respect, but you won't be too ridiculed either. Also it's a good deal cheaper than buying the 20 dollar version that exists on the internet.
I promise this is my only last minute costume this year. It helps that I'm not trying to do 7 anymore.

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