Barn Wood TV Table

Introduction: Barn Wood TV Table

This is my first instructable so be nice in the comment box.
One of my friends got a new TV but didn't have a stand so I volunteered to help. She had an old cast iron sewing machine stand and I had some salvaged barn wood so I whipped this up. Sorry about the lack of detailed instructions but I was winging it. If you need more info just ask. Total cost $65

First thing first is SAFETY!!! don't hurt yourself tools are sharp wood has splinters ect......

things you need:
safety glasses
table saw (to rip wood)
saw (power or hand)
wood planer
wood clamps (4 or more)
power sander (60,120,&300grit)

1/2" dowels
sewing machine base 
threaded rod (with hardware)

Step One
Decide how long you want it.
Her TV is a 51" so I made the table 52" long.
The table is 4" wider than the cast iron base for a 2" lip one either side.

cut dry rotted ends off and cut to length
rip wood to uneven widths (it will look good later)
measure for shelves  allow for 2" lip (my shelves are two different depths one for games one for PS3)

Step Two
Plane wood to reduce the bow and check squareness of edges afterward 
brush glue on edges of wood and clamp (wipe away excess)
read dry time on bottle and add 15 min if you thin the glue

Step Three
Plane the wood joints smooth
take a break you've been working too hard

Step Four
mark corners for legs
glue trim on

Step Five
Drill holes for dowels and glue on legs (holes are 3"deep)
after leg glue is dry route edges of table

Step Six
glue shelves
route edges
drill holes for threaded rod

Step Six
put it together 

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