Upcycled Cardboard TP Rolls.




Introduction: Upcycled Cardboard TP Rolls.

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The end of the toilet paper roll is used in many different projects.
This project will be simple and 100% easy.
I used these for Halloween last year and they were a hit. The only problem was the fact that kids had no idea what they were,
but when they did, they loved every second of it.
The uses are endless: Baby shower, Halloween, Holidays... 
These are simple gift boxes.

Step 1: Materials

The only downfall about this project is you have to wait for all those toilet paper rolls to be unoccupied.
*Toilet paper rolls
*Napkins, old wrapping paper, anything with a pattern or picture on it.
*Tape/ glue/ staples
*candy, toys, etc.

Step 2: Measure

Make sure you measure the tube to see if your napkin/ wrapping paper scraps will fit the whole way around the tube and just an inch above the openings. Tape the beginning piece so it's easier to keep in place. Then wrap it all the way around. I forgot the picture, but you can cut the paper to make it fit into the openings better. Tape the edge paper to the inside of the tube. Tape the end. 

Step 3: Folding

Now do the "coin roll fold". Lower one side of the tube and overlap it equally with the other side. You can tape these down or keep them folded. They'll usually stay. After, put in toys, wrapped candy, anything really and repeat "coin roll fold" to other side.

Step 4: DONE

Now you have a treat box for what ever occasion, but most importantly, you've saved the environment! ... for now! Until they're thrown away again! YAY!!!!

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    6 years ago

    Aww these are so cute! Definitely are gonna try making some <3.