"Upcycled" Cassette Tape Lamp (Lasercutted)




Introduction: "Upcycled" Cassette Tape Lamp (Lasercutted)

A few months ago, my dad asked me to clean his attic from all my student's stuffs (which means a lot of stuffs...). While looking in the box, i found dozens of cassette tapes. I remember seeing in a small shop years ago, someone selling lamps and other things made with cassette tape. So why not making something with thoses cassette tapes, and not throwing them in the bin.

For this i used a laser cutter, and i only had 3mm mdf so i designed the file with this

Step 1: What You Need

  • 12 Cassette tapes (obviously)
  • 3 mm MDF
  • E14 Bulb candle style + small socket
  • A laser cutter

I personnally used a 30w LED bulb and it's not powerfull enough, i'll use another one later.

It makes a "lego" style building, you'll have to assemble. Be carefull, some parts are fragiles. I wanted to see the minimum of wood, like the cassettes are glued without glue...

I've put numbers for each "floor" from 0 to 3 to help "construct".

Step 2: Construction

Step 3: The Files

I used Autodesk fusion 360 to design the lamp, you'll find them enclosed.

Plus the .DXF 2d files.

There are numbers on the different parts of the pieces, they should be engraved and not cutted (they represent the different "floors" of the lamp).

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I made something similar with my Vanilla Ice cassettes. Except I didnt use a laser, I used a hammer. And instead of a 30w LED I used gasoline and some matches. I'd attach a picture but...

    Cool build. I know people tip toe around marketing stuff on this site but you made something nostalgic that should be produced for others to enjoy.


    7 years ago

    Looks good!!