Introduction: Pallet Succulent Side Table

I somehow stumbled upon the idea for this project at <>.  Their result looked awesome, it didn't seem too difficult so I figured to give it a shot.  

I found the pallets on the street, took them apart to build the top.  As the wood was warped and cut in slightly different widths/depths it actually made the craftsmanship (or lack there of) significantly easier... things didn't have to be (couldn't be) exactly square, flush... and I think the end result actually looks better because of these imperfections.  

I made the table top in two parts-- the frame with the two outer most slats and then the middle section with the garden bed.  I reused the nails from the pallet in non-load baring areas and then used maybe $4 worth of screws.  

The legs were another street find (took them off an abandoned broken table), their pant is starting to flake off, but I couldn't be bothered to sand them down so I just decided to embrace them for what they are.  I think it looks pretty cool.  

I sanded it down to a certain extent but not enough to lose its "character", threw on some stain I had laying around, a couple layers of polyurethane and a trip to the local garden store later... voila.