Introduction: Upcycled Pin Fleted Wine Bottle Cover

This is a fun quick project that I did with scraps laying around the craft room! It will be a great hostess gift to bring over to a friends Thanksgiving day!

Step 1: 2 Left Over Sleeves / 2 Wine Bottle Covers!

These are left over sleeves from another project. They are from a men's lambs wool sweater that I found at a thrift store for $4.

Step 2: Pin Felting

Pin felting a process where you bind fibers together to form a design in to a fabric. For best  results use natural fibers.The brown fabric is lambs wool that has been washed in the mashing machine on a hot/cold setting. When washing I included items that wold help agitate the fibers to for m a denser fabric for pin felting.  To apply the design I used wool roving a pin felting needles. A pin felting needle has a barbed tip that helps bind the fibers together. I inserted a foam block inside the sleeve then poke the wool into the fabric repeatedly with the felting pin. I actually have 2 different kinds of pins. the one pictured is a contraption that holds 5 pins. I use this one as I lay out my design. Then I go back with a single pin to refine and do detail work.

Step 3:

Once your design is finished flip it inside out. Sew a seam along the bottom, trim and you are done. After inserting the bottle of wine I realized that there was too much fabric at the bottom so I added a seam part of the way up the side.

Step 4: Closer

I used some scrap leather string and a bead for the tie!

Step 5: Done!

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