Upcycling Hidden Trophy Box




Introduction: Upcycling Hidden Trophy Box

Hello internet! (This is my first instructable, so tell me if I am doing something wrong.) Today I am going to show you how to make a box to store some trophies and medals, and hide it behind a painting! This project was made with only materials I already had, and if you were willing to sink some money and more then a couple hours into it, you could probably get a much better look. I did not paint it, because I couldn't decide on a color, but painting it would be an easy extra step to make it that much better.

Step 1: Materials

Since this project was made out of old materials I had lying around the house, they are not particularly eye-catching or pretty. I made this project to have some fun and try some new things. For the materials you will need

A cardboard box.

A painting or picture to roughly the same size as the box.

**OPTIONAL** LED strip lights.

Some trophies and medals!

Step 2: Aligning Your Trophies

Set up the trophies and medals in the box, and don't forget to keep in mind that the box will be going on a wall, so you want to place the trophies in the back of the box, and maybe secure them with some tape, like I did.

Step 3: Securing the Medals

If you are not putting medals in this box, you can skip to the next step. After you have figured the placement of your medal(s), cut a slit where the ribbon meets the top of the box. Feed the ribbon through the slit, and if you want, tape it down on the back of the box to make it more secure.

Step 4: **OPTIONAL** LED Strip Lights

This part is completely optional, I just think it makes the box so much better. Most LED strip lights have adhesive backing, but I decided to use tape instead so it wouldn't be permanent. Center the strip lights on the top and sides of the box, then cut a hole for the power supply.

Step 5: The 'locking' Mechanism

This hi-tech locking mechanism uses . . . a pin. Really, all you need is a pin or nail and you're good! Line the picture up until it is vertical and slightly inside the box, then find the metal circle (look at the picture for reference.) Stick the pin through the side of the box, and through the metal circle. This can take a couple of tries, so be patient. Another step that I will add later is some hinges on the bottom of the painting so it will stay attached to the box.

Step 6: Mounting Your Box

This is the final step, and pretty simple. Find a place on the wall where you want to mount your box, then drive nails through the box into the wall, and widen the holes. Find a plug for the LED power supply, and then enjoy you creation! Thank you for reading my instructable, and if you have any ideas or suggestions, please leave them below. I am entering this into the First Time Author Contest, so please vote for me if you think I did a good job and you like my project!


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