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Introduction: Upcycling - T-shirt

Hello community!

A few days ago, I was trapped at home through the lockdown because of the pandemic COVID-19, like millions of people in the world too. Therefore, I had a mass of time, I decided to spend my time in a productive way, so I clear out my wardrobe. I sort out and found a t-shirt of mine, which I do not wear for years. In the first moment I was very happy about it and in the next moment I noticed a stain on it. I had no clue where it comes from, but unfortunately the stain stayed, although I tried to wash it. I was frustrated! I must admit that I was not able to give the t-shirt away, because of the memories which i connected with this peace of textile. I am sure every single person is in possession of such a thing. For this reason, I was thinking what to do with this t-shirt….

I called a friend of mine and told her about my t-shirt issue. I told her that I don´t want to give it away. She reported me about „upcycling“ and I was surprised about the outcome of things which are at the first view not worth for upcycling but in the next moment, it turned out that they were even though in a creative, different way.

I got inspired! I came to the conclusion, that I want to make something new out of my t-shirt, to keep it in my life. I decided to make a bag out of it, in order to reduce, avoid plastic bags in general. For a long time, my family and I take our own bags from home and use them many many times for transporting things from A to B. Bags consists out of different materials for example textile is usable for a long-term period. My t-shirt is the perfect base for a bag! Are you curious about how?

I want to share my little upcycling-project with you, if your favourite t-shirt got stains you can use this easy method of upcycling, to keep your lovely piece of yours in your life!

Read the steps below!

Step 1: Material

- t-shirt

- scissors

- ruler

- pen (dark or bright – depends on the colour of your t-shirt)

Step 2: Choose a T-shirt

Choose a t-shirt to make a bag out of it. It could have stains on it or maybe it does not match your taste in clothes anymore (think about..are you gonna fit in or not, be honest with you!)

Step 3: Marking

Mark the cutting lines with a pen, look at the picture! Use a ruler to draw a straight line, about 10 cm from the bottom of your t-shirt.

Step 4: Cut Slices

Cut 2 cm wide slices till your straight line (both sides!).

Step 5: Double Knot

Double knot always two strips together!

Step 6: Turn Around Your T-shirt and You Will Gain a Bag

And now, turn around your t-shirt! In that way your knots will disappear, your bag is ready for using!

Options for your individual style: Create your personal touch. You can sew something or let it be as I do.

Have fun and go shopping in an environmentally friendly way! But keep in mind, buy only necessary things your bag has a limit tranporting weight!

Greatings Tanja!

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    2 years ago

    Really nice. I like how they made a bag out of it.