Introduction: Upcycling an Old Ladder to a Shoe Rack!

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who has seen the amazing things done with old ladders on pinterest! You can see at the top of the ladder it still holds that AMAZING old hardware. You can’t really see it in the pictures but one of the rungs on the ladder was actually broken off one side and, initially, I had planned to make my cut to remove that so all of the rungs would be really stable. However, after making my measurements, I realized I would have to cut the top off the ladder to remove the broken rung and, thus, lose that beautiful old hardware. So, that was a no go!

So, I cut the bottom off of the ladder and I was left with a mini ladder with four rungs that will definitely be finding another purpose somewhere else.

Step 1: Once Cut Off I Just Leaned It Up Against the Wall in My Closet!

I had the perfect spot in my master bedroom closet for the ladder. I can’t believe just how much use that can be had out of an old ladder! I wish I had a couple more of them because I would definitely put one in my living room as a blanket rack!

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