Introduction: Upcycling an Old Window

School is starting soon and we needed a way to keep track of all the important dates and events. I like to use items we already have around the house. I found this old window in the basement and I thought it would make a perfect organizer.


-chalkboard paint





-adhesive spray

-5 hooks

Step 1: Sanding

1. First, I cleaned the whole window with soapy water and removed any dirt.

2. Then, I sanded the wood frame to distressed the paint.

3. I decided to leave the metal latches on the window.(I liked how they looked).

Step 2: Fabric

1. I had a piece of cushion left over from another project. so, I cut it to fit the one side of the window pane.

2. Next, I cut a piece of fabric to fit the padding.

3. Using adhesive spray I secured the fabric to the cushion. (I folded down the edges like wrapping a present and sprayed it with adhesive glue).

4. Then, I used pins to hold the fabric on to the cushion until it dried.

5. Once the chalkboard paint was dry, I attached the fabric piece with adhesive spray.

*I have some long pins, I wanted to use to hang pictures and papers on this side.

Step 3: Chalkboard Paint

1. Wipe down all the dust from sanding.

2. Tape off the sides, where you want to paint the chalkboard.

3. Paint the glass with chalkboard paint......It will take a few coats.

4. Let dry and remove tape.

Step 4: Hooks

1. I had some hooks left over from an old project that I decide to put at the bottom of the organizer.

2. Measure the base of the window and divided it by the number of hooks you are using(5 hooks) to find the right spacing in between the hooks.

3. Next, measure out the space between each hook and marked it with a pencil.

4. Using a drill to drill out the holes for each hook.

5. Then tighten the hooks into place.

Step 5: Finished

Time to hang my new organizer in my kitchen!

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