Introduction: Update-2

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Just another update on what i have been doing since i quit with knex, I just started going through all my instructables on knex and i look at some of them and i think why did i do this or this. It;s funny now that i have gotten older i got all these ideas. I have been Biking BMX, I have a 2011 Fit Van Homan 3 That has some aftermarket parts 
Grips: ODI Longnecks
Tires: Primo V-Monster tan wall
Pegs: Odyessy MPegs
Hub Guard: ShadowConspircy
Stem: Standard Bykeco topload stem (not shown in picture)
Pedals: Currently FitPC i want to go back to my S&M 101 that are shown in the picture

I also got a truck
1994 Ford Ranger Flames on the hood, Center line rims with cooper discover s/t tires 
( I want to put a 2in or 3in body lift on it)

I built a gaming pc
CPU: AMD fx-6300\
Ram: GSkill Sniper 8gb
Graphics: asus hd radeon 7770
Hard drive 1. 500gb western digital (main)
                    2. 250gb laptop drive (game Storage)
                    3. 160gb western digital (storage)
If you want more parts listed just ask

If you wanna know what games i play and wanna play with me ask (PC Only)

Thanks, Chevy62