Introduction: Updated DIY Air Freshener!!!Actually Works!!!!

Ok, I realise my previous febreeze mixture wasnt so good but this one, will smell even more fresh and wont give you headaches!

you will need:

a pot and a working stove

water (preferably deionized, BUT NOT NECESSARY)

some crappy vodka, if its not filtered, filter it with any filtering mechanism

cinnamon extract


apple juice, from the apple, left over night (to vaporize sugar)


!!!ginger extract!!!!

and fabric softener

Step 1: Time to Boil

fill up the pot with as much water as you want

place on stove-top

turn stove to medium heat

wait until it boils

Step 2: Add Scents

after the water is boiling, add vodka until the vapor starts smelling like vodka.

next, add your preferred scent, adding all three will make it smell spring-like, which is good. add slowly until you can smell it in the vapor.

lastly, add a small amount of fabric softener.

turn off stove and wait till it cools.

pour into bottle, and enjoy, freshness lovers.