Introduction: Updated Table

Well made furniture can be easily updated to fit any decor!

Step 1: Prep Is Everything!

First clean your piece with a 50/50 mix of denatured alcohol and water. Use this mixture on a green scotch scrubby, wiping each section with a clean dry towel as you go. someone had already tried to paint this table, but had undesirable results.

Step 2: Sanding

If you need to smooth out any scratches or nicks, this is the time. Use as low as 150 grit to work out your blemishes sand paper, working your way up to a final sanding of 220 grit. ALWAYS sand with the grain of the wood.

Step 3: Prime

Wipe all sanding dust of with mineral spirits and a clean rag. For white or pale colors, use a shellac based primer to block any tannin that may bleed threw to the light colored paint.

Step 4: Paint

Invest in a good quality brush and find a shade you love and apply two coats,following manufacturers directions.

Step 5: Top Coat and Detailing

Once paint is dry use a compatible top coat ( water-based over water-based)and let dry 24 hrs. This single coat of topcoat will help you control that the glaze coat will easily remove from surfaces where you don't want it.To bring out details, mix any color paint(I used white) 50/50 with clear gaze, apply heavily (filling all groves) and wipe off with a clean rag and a light pressure, working in sections. let glaze dry 48 hours. Add two-three more coats of top coat for durability.