Upgrade Water Carrier

Introduction: Upgrade Water Carrier

Materials needed:


1 1/2 fabric

cotton balls

silicone glue

gun for silicone glue

1 nail

Step 1: Measuring

  1. Measure the length or distance from each hole
  2. Draw a line or mark with a marker or sharpie make sure the distance from each hole is the same

Step 2: Bucket

  1. Place your bucket and drill holes total of 4 in one side of the bucket
  2. Use a drill
  3. Drill the holes you have marked/ created make the holes big enough so the fabric could go threw

Step 3: Fabric

  1. Cut your fabric into straps for your back by folding them
  2. The leftovers is going to be for your support of your back

Step 4: Glue

  1. The leftovers of the fabric and glue one of the of the concern with the hot glue gun and and place the other piece on top .
  2. And place the cotton balls inside of it and then glue the rest .
  3. Lastly glue that piece to the bucket but place it in the middle of the bucket.

Step 5: Gun and Glue

  1. Place the glue inside the gun but you might need help with this part of the project
  2. When finished using it place a nail inside so it won't dry out
  3. Be careful when using it you could get dirty

Step 6: Glue Around

  1. Glue around each concern of the bucket but be careful cause you can get dirty with this step
  2. Make sure its is enough for each
  3. Wait until its is dry and test it out if no water comes out
  4. Use the bucket lid to cover the bucket

Step 7: Finally

Test it out and your done

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