Introduction: Upgrade Your Old Backback Into a Laptop Backpack

So ive been using a simple messenger llama bag to lug around my laptop and after a few days i noticed that it just wasn't cutting it, everything was bundled up in a mess, very uncomfortable after a while, and my laptop was not protected at all. So I
1.Went to go look for a bag for my laptop at bestbuy
2.saw the prices (like $60 bucks man!)
3. realized i don't have that kind of money
4. went home (they were ugly anyway)

So then after a day or two i saw this giant Styrofoam sheet laying around my house (for some freaky reason, idk how it got there) and i said to myself that would be great for a future project of mine, and BAM! it hit me, ill just make my own laptop bag. so here it is the fruit of my creativity **drum roll** MY FIRST INSTRUCTABLE!  (and the crowd goes wild)

Step 1: Gather the Required Nessesities

to continue with this instructable you will need the following

1.sheet of Styrofoam stuff (or you can use some sort of cushiony substitute material (as long as you can sew through it))
2. an old backpack (or a new one, whatever you fancy)
4. some sort of fabric (i just used two old shirts i had)
5. a sewing machine
6.buttons (optional)
7. the laptop that you will be making this for

Step 2: Cut Out the Pieces

so the get the size i needed for the pieces i would sew together i just turned the backpack inside out and traced with a marker where i need to cut on the shirt then after i cut that piece out i used it to trace the pieces i would need.
you will need to somehow end up with
2 cutouts from the t shirts and
3 cutouts of theStyrofoam
(i originally wanted 5 but that was too thick for my machine and so was four)

Step 3: I Say Sew It, Sew It Good

this step is pretty straight forward

first i layered the pieces that i cut out in step 2 then i used some pins to hold them together so that i can put it through the machine without having all the pieces fly out of the position i want them in, then after i had it sewn i sewed a couple more lines on it to make it more backpacky (you know all professional like)

then i took my newly formed padding and but it over the bag just to be sure that it fit correctly. then i noticed that i have extra space, so i went ahead a sewed in a divider to that i can put the charger and the laptop in the same pouch/sleeve without them getting allover each other and doing the nasty nasty

to sew the padding to the backpack i used the machine but some parts were just too thigh for it, so i had to go back and do it the caveman way(by hand)

Step 4: The Buttons, and Your Done!

originally i wasnt thinking on adding these buttons but i felt like it needed to close so i took the buttons from the shirt and i added them for closure