Introduction: Upgrade Your Victorinox Flash Pocket Knife’s Memory

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A few years ago my wife purchased a “Victorinox Flash” pocket knife for me which included a 1 gig USB flash drive.
Having a USB flash drive in a pocket knife was extremely cool, but over time the 1 gig capacity was insufficient for new larger file transport so I had been looking into upgrading the USB drive. Note: this upgrade may not work for all models.
Here is the manufacturer’s web site
The problem was the USB drive size needed to be exactly the same as the original to fit into the original knife plastic frame.
Kingston “” company created a USB flash drive where the metal frame is the same dimensions the entire length of the drive.
Flash drive model is called “DataTraveler SE9” see picture
The trick was to remove the original USB flash drive: just pulling the drive from the plastic housing does not work. You will need to use a razor knife to cut the plastic tab on the inside edge of each side of the original USB drive housing. Looking at my pictures, you will see the original USB flash drive that was removed, looking at the metal part of the old drive you will see a cutout or hole on the bottom edge of the metal USB port itself (closest to the green board), this hole is where the plastic tabs held the original drive in place. Please use extreme caution when using a razor knife you could cut yourself badly.
Unclip the USB drive from the knife, then use a small pair of Needle Nose Pliers with Serrated Jaws to grab the end of the USB port of the original drive and slowly slide it out from its plastic housing.
This was the easy part, the new drive was extremely snug when sliding it in the plastic housing, no glue required. When complete, clip back into the knife and you’re all done.

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