Introduction: Upgrade Your Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disk

Scince my last "howto" was kind of... well NOT a how to, I feel like a cheat, so heres one for you Yu-Gi-Oh! fans out there that want a fairly "Show Accurate" Duel Disk.

If your a Paren of a kid that owns a Duel Disk, then this project should get them to start playing with it again :D

Well atleast for a little while...

Tools you will need:

**Screw Driver
**Soldering Iron
**Duct Tape
**Strap - like from an ol Book Bag or something. Completely option by the way.
**Wire - Coated is suggested as you dont want to cross electircal lines.
**Battery holderOld USB cables - this is based on your particular preferance.
**Duel Disk - VITAL! if you dont have one, and want to do this project, GO GET ONE!
**SuperGlue - optiona for binding the wiring down to the plastic

Below are some pics (sorry about the low quality) of my finnished first version of the Duel Disk. You can see that I devided it into 2 seperate parts. the blade being suspended by a shoulder strap.

Step 1: Open Wide!!

First thing you want to do is open your Duel Disk. Heres where your screwdriver comes in - remember to use a Phillips Head, not a Flat Head.

There are several screws along the bottom of the toy, and one in the battry housing.

When you open the battery casing, you will see 3 button cell batteries. Take those out and there is one more screw that holds the unit together. Once you pop that last screw out, your next mision is to neatly desolder the wires to the battery leads.\

The following is optional:
Next you will see a few screws holding a plastic plate on. Remove the screws on that plate and remove it. Once thats done, follow the LED lines untill you get to the board that they are attached to, and cut the wires. Once done, take a brand new LED and wire it into the old battery leads, let them hang out as you replace the cover.

Step 2: Energize Me Cap'n!

Once you have desoldered the battery leads, either solder in a USB Female plug OR a AA batter Holder ( you can get them from Radio Shaack for a few buck) and solder it into place. If you dont have Heat Shrink tubing, then you can use duct or Electrical tape to cover the exposed wires, but not before you add 5 new positive lines and 5 new negitive lines (red is positiv, black is negitive)

Now we're ready or step 3!

Step 3: Adding the LEDs

Once you have added the battery holder or USB clupg, you can now close up the Duel Disk and start to add your LEDs. To do this either use a soldering iron and melt a hole through the back of each arrow (not exactly safe due to toxic fumes) or use a drill and cut holes into the plastic that will accomodate your LEDs.

Once your LEDs are secure, you may now begin soldering the negitive and positive leads to the respective wires.

You can add a switch to it if you want as well so your LEDS wont wear down your batteries and your kids wont be going aound the house stealingthe remote batteries.

Note: IF you have the "Oricalchos" version of the Dueldisk, you will have rendered the funtion of the sliding panels usless.