Introduction: Upgraded Arduino Ultrasonic Scanning SoNAR

I am upgrading the scanning ultrasonic SONAR project. I want to add some buttons on the Processing Screen that will change Azimuth, Bearing, Range, Speed and Tilt for a second servo. I started with the Lucky Larry project. I believe he is the originator of this system. As a former NAVY sonarman I see the improvements needed. Plus this was an excellent opportunity to develop a full duplex backbone for future Arduino/Processing projects. I have also added a Sharp IR ranging unit to this project which I hope to use in tandem with the U/S sensor. Ultimately this will be a navigation and mapping sensor pod for mobile robots. I have most of the upgrades working.

Milestones hit:

Modes working.

Scan speeds working.

Head tilt working.

So, this is a work in progress and I know there are some problems, but it works. This project lives here.

To do:

Having the buttons stay lit after selection.

Getting the infrared sensor displayed in blue with the overlap in purple.

Leveling the sensor head with a gyro.

I stood on the shoulders of giants to get started and have had help from some pretty big people to get me this far. If you take this code and improve it, please share it back


Arduino Nano

Nano Sensor Shield

2 x Servo motor (mg-996)

HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor

Aluminum Angle Stock

Sensor Mount

Step 1:

I 3D printed my servo mount and made quick servo Brackets out of aluminum angle on the band saw. Use any pan and tilt assembly you can find or make, With the sensor shield the connections are pretty simple

trigPin = 3

echoPin = 4

Pan_Servo = 5

Tilt_Servo = 6

Step 2:

Step 5: Required Software for Arduino SoNAR:

You will need arduino IDE and Processing IDE to run this sonar project. Processing IDE will receive the values sent from arduino and display the data on the PC.The on screen buttons changes the behavior of the arduino sketch.

Step 3: The Arduino Part

Step 4: ​Processing Part

Step 5: