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Introduction: Upgrading Amplifier

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Upgrading my 3 year old Amplifier by adding some features available on high end expensive Amplifiers today.,Like Airplay,Bluetooth,USB flashreader,Wifi sound Streaming etc.Since my Konzert 502A sound quality is among the best (in my opinion) i set it up as a home theater with 5.1 channel setup.It support ProLogic Surround Decoder,Single Chip Digital Delay , 4 Auxillary Rear inputs ,SubWoofer Rear Inputs.And use it on casual music listening And movie watching every weekend.,
•Features NOT on my unit K-502A•
•USB port
•Mem Card Reader
•Wifi stream
thingking if i can upgrade it,.there were lots of ibles to find here,& they all look promising to start with.That's how i started to look for components that will upgrade my unit that wont cause me a lot.

Step 1: Look for Components Needed

Components for upgrading an Amplifier is just a google away(if you plan on buying Online).,but looking for an actual store for the item you need was'nt that easy.The first thing that come into me was to look for Bluetooth dongle with 3.5 jack port on it so that i can connect easily to my amplifier.Sad & unlucky,cant find the one i need.

Step 2: Components Found

Instead of looking for just a Bluetooth Dongle with 3.5 jack port.,i decided to to buy USB Bluetooth Dongle=Php 180.00
and a Mini Portable Speaker=Php 200.00
Total cost = Php 380.00 or US$ 8.60.base on yahoo currency on the day i bought it.

•Bluetooth Dongle Features(as seen image)

•Mini Portable Powered Speaker features(as seen on image)

Step 3: Mini Powered Portable Speaker

Features seen on image:

•Size comparison
•Recharging Mini Speaker can be on powerbank or on a regular mobile charger 5vdc 800-1.0 mah with mini usb plug

Step 4: How It Works

Image A - via Spotify stream (wifi connected)
Image B - via iTunes Radio on Pc stream (wifi connected) or iTunes Playlist (no wifi needed)
Image C - Regular iPhone Music library Airplay

Step 5: Airplay Reciever

This was the method i used before.,the downside here obviously was your iphone should be wired on a non Airplay Amplifier

Step 6: The Wiring on Amplifier

Used here was a 3.5 headphone jack to RCA Jack Audio (as seen in image)
•simply put the 3.5 headphone jack to the Mini portable speaker's 3.5 H.phone jack input & connect the end RCA Audio Jack to Amplifiers available AUXILLARY RCA port.,i used the Tuner port for Bluetooth.
Since AUX port was for my Philips mini component,CD port was for my iPod Nano and DVD port was for my DVD player(as seen on image)

Step 7:

Step 8: Result and Final Conclusion

The result was Satisfying with this simple and very affordable upgrade
that only cost less $10 and was very reasonable.,

•Upgrades achieve•

•Bluetooth/Airplay Music streaming
•USB Flashcard Music Playing
•Add FM tuner on my No-Tuner Amplifier
•Sd Memory Card music playing

For me anyone can do this very simple and practical upgrades which are applicable to any Audio devices that supports RCA ports for Auxillary inputs(the most common found on any Audio amplifiers) or even on Audio devices with 3.5 headphone jack inputs will work too.And this approach needs no soldering,hacking or schematics to read & follow.,Just a plug & play Upgrades.
Hoping you enjoy reading my ibles.,One of the simpliest DIY project I made this year.
Feel free to comments & ask questions and i would love and appreciate for clicking the HEART button on your screen.,
Thank you for your time!

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