Upgrading Old/Blown Portable Speakers!

Introduction: Upgrading Old/Blown Portable Speakers!

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Hey Everyone!, I had some old bluetooth portable speakers that i blew from playing them so loud all the time so they were pretty useless, I Also had a super old X-Rocker gaming chair all stripped apart in my garage, with the speakers still intact but everything else ripped apart.

Step 1: Parts/Tools

This was actually a really easy project to do, all i need was a small phillip's screwdriver and some scissors and tape, and of course some different speakers to replace the blown ones.

Step 2: Taking Apart Speaker.

I have two of these portable speakers which pair together via bluetooth. These are some rather cheap speakers i got from walmart. Here's the link to the speakers : https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/blackweb-soundstone-p...

taking apart the speaker was easy, there were 3 screws underneath and 3 screws underneath the top grill of the speaker. They were 3 Watt 4 ohms speakers

Theres a few pictures of the dusty dead speaker that were in there.

Step 3: X-Rocker Gaming Chair

The Speakers in the chair only had 4 phillip's screws holding them and the grill in place. Simple! :)

This Chair had 5 Watt 4 ohms speakers :)

Step 4: Assembly!

So it was easy to trace the wires back to the board and find out which cables connected what, the red slot was for a 700 mAh 2.59Wh battery, which im hoping to upgrade to a 18650 battery at a later date. the ribbon cable was for the volume and pause buttons on the front of the speaker. And finally the foam insulated white slot was for the speaker.

So i unplugged the speaker port and cut the wire and wired it the new speakers and gave it a test run!

As you can see the new speaker fits just perfectly inside! :)

Step 5: Mounting It All Together!

Now that I know it all works and sounds amazing! :) I fed the speaker wires through some holes already in the speaker and taped them tight! I got the board all plugged back in and reassembled on the bottom. Now all I had to do was hot glue down the new speaker and grill!. And finally added a little electrical tape to seal it off and BAM!

Step 6: All Finished and Sound Great!

WooT! They may not look perfect but they do sound great for some old stuff i had laying around in my garage!

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