Introduction: Upgrading a Garden Table With Wheels to Make It Move Effortlessly

Welcome to this Instructables! Last summer, we got a new garden table. However, it was so wide, that we had to carry it always under the roof to protect it from rain and out of it to eat there. My father and I had the idea to add small wheels under the table to make it easier to move under and out of the canopy.

Once we saw the Instrucables contest "Fix it!" we decided to write about it. Consider voting for it and check out the other contestants!


This Instructables will only cover how we made the wheels for our specific table. Therefore we won't give any detailed instructions or tool lists. However, the basic materials should always be the same:

  • small wheels
  • mushroomhead bolt with a long piece with the thread cut away
  • height adjustment screw
  • wood

Step 1: The Idea

We decided to use wheels on the two rear feet, which will be a replacement of the normally used flat plastic caps. As before, they will be snapped into the feet. Then you can lift up the top and you are able to pull it out. On the front, we added some height adjusting screws to make it easy to position.

Step 2: The Housing

You will need to measure your table, obviously. We followed the original ends because it should also be easy to insert. Later, we decided to add some tape to make a strong connection.

Step 3: The Wheels

We used two normal small wheels and a mushroomhead bolt with a long shaft without thread for each leg. Also, the head of the screw is cut away. The square is for preventing the bold from turning.

Step 4: Height Adjustment

This step is really optional, however we can recommend it since it makes it a lot nicer to position. It works similar to the other end, however with a small adjustment screw.

Using a adjustment screw, we are able to compensate the longer leg on the rear and uneven surfaces.

Step 5: Enjoy!

We hope this Instructables was helpful to make your own upgraded table, even though we could only give a small overview. Consider voting in the "Fix it" contest! Thank you.

Happy making.

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