Introduction: Upload .bin or .hex File Using LM Flash Programmer

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LM Flash Programmer is the software provided by Texas Instruments, that is used to upload sketches, firmware, binary files and .hex files onto Texas Instruments micro-controllers such as Launchpad etc. Now, if you are hobbyist, or electronics enthusiasts then you surely need this software to program Texas Instruments micro-controllers.

In this instructable you'll learn about uploading .bin or .hex file onto Texas Instruments micro-controllers using LM Flash Programmer.

Step 1: Open LM Flash Programmer

First of all, open LM Flash Programmer. You will see the software status at the bottom of the LM Flash Programmer window, that should be in "Idle" state. After that, you are good to go.

Step 2: Select Your Desired Microcontroller

Select "configuration" menu from the top of software window and then select your desired microcontroller from "Quick Set" drop down section. This step is also shown in the figure.

Step 3: Select Your .bin or .hex File & Upload!

After selecting your desired microcontroller, select "program" menu from the top of software window. Then in "Select .bin file" section, click on "Browse" to select your .bin or .hex file which you wanna upload. Then in "Options" section, select the parameters as shown in the given figure and click on "Program" button to upload the file to microcontroller.

Step 4: Optional Content

If you want to do some advanced stuff like unlock a port etc, then you can use "Flash Utilities" and "Other Utilities" to perform different operations on microcontroller with your desired parameters.