Introduction: Uploading a Video to YouTube Via Android Phone

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There are two metods of uploading videos. The second way will be found in a later instructable!

Step 1:

Go to your gallery, then press the share button (in the top right area of the screen), a popup should show up and you want to press the YouTube button.

Step 2:

Once you click on that it'll pull up what's shown in thw first picture and you'll need to change the title and add a description (as shown in the second picture). Then press that upload button on the top right area of the screen.

Step 3:

Once you finish the last step you'll see a screen like this (in the picture) and it'll have a loading bar and YouTube should notify you when your video has been posted!

Step 4: Hope This Helped!

If you have any questions let me known in the comments and I'll gladly try to help!