Uppudu Pindi(rice Flour Upma)



Introduction: Uppudu Pindi(rice Flour Upma)

-Uppudu pindi is a traditional south indian upma which is prepared regularly for breakfast.It goes well with some pickle and yoghurt.


-2 cups Rice flour

-3 onions diced thin and long

-2 dry red chillies

-Few curry leaves

-Half tsp cumin,mustard seeds

-Half tsp split black gram

-3 tsp bengal gram(chana dal)

-salt as per taste

-Any cooking oil

Step 1: Tempering

-Take little oil in vessel and add half tsp of cumin,mustard seeds. when they crackle add half tsp split black gram,

3 to 4 tsp bengal gram and saute for few minutes

Step 2: Add Sliced Onions

-Next add few curry leaves,2 red chillies and sliced onions.Cut onions thin and long.

Step 3: Add Water

-Once onions are cooked add salt as per taste and water

- For 2 cups rice flour 2 cups water should be added. we must take both equal quantity

Step 4: Add Rice Flour

-when water starts boiling add 2 cups of rice flour .

-Initially after adding rice flour dont mix it. Add the flour and cover for 2 minutes.

Step 5: Mixing

- After 2 mins remove the lid and now mix the flour with water. Flour absorbs the entire water. cover the lid and cook on medium flame for some time.

-when its cooked you can see upma with little crumbled texture.Serve rice flour upma with pickle and yoghurt.

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