Introduction: Urban Hacking PUMPKINS!

A few years back i walked past these light bollards and had the idea of using public street lights for lightning up pumpkins at halloween. This year i carried out the idea and made this public installation, hope you will like the concept and hopefully soon this kind of pumpkins will be taking over cities across the world!

This project is a made as a public installation, but can also be used for private homes.

Step 1: Get Your Hands on Some Sweet Pumpkins!

Grow your own pumpkins or simply buy them in your local store. Around halloween most stores around the world have them thrown in your face.

Step 2: What to Do With Them?

Make a basic plan so that you have an idea of what your going to do, sketch or simply think it through before cutting in.

Also in general its a good idea to prepare what you need before getting startet, in this case i set up a quick outdoor table, prepared knifes and set up a bucket for the leftovers.

Step 3: Dig in and Get Your Hands Dirty!

Since i was planing on placing the pumpkins on light bollards, i cut a round hole in the bottom of the pumpkin and cleaned it out using a sharp knife, spoon and my bare hands.

Step 4: Mark Up and Cut Out the Intended Holes.

What i did here was to quickly sketch up where the intended holes where going to be, i then used a herb knife for marking up the cutting lines and slowly started cutting all the way through while making sure to have sharp outlines.

After i was done making all three of the pumpkins i cleaned up the area and the leftovers was thrown in the compost pile for my chickens to enjoy. Another option is to use the leftovers for cooking, for example roasting the pumpkin seeds, delicious!

Step 5: Implementation!

Pack up the car and find the most public area possible to display your creations in!

Adjust the hole in the bottom of the pumpkin to the intended light bollard, place the pumpkin and wait for the lights to turn on at night time.

In my case i picked some bollards on a very used trail along a stream, right in the center of the city Kolding, Denmark.

Step 6: A Public Space..

Leave the pumpkins for public to enjoy and if you have the time, sit down close by to watch peoples reactions.

Be nice.. Eventually come back to remove whats left of the pumpkins an give the bollards a quick cleaning.

//Im not sure on the specific rules for this kind of public installations and it might not be allowed in some places//

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