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Introduction: Urban Survival Kit

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 Or everything you possibly would need in the course of a day in an easy to carry pouch!

 Lets talk about something that probably has been talked to death on this site. SURVIVAL KITS!
 This is different though.
 This is one you will use on a day to day.
 In the 1800's mountain men carried a "possibles bag" it was a pouch they carried over their shoulder and contained "everything they would possibly need during the course of the day" It was their idea of a pocket.

 I often find myself without enough pockets even though I usually wear tactical BDUs, EMT or firefighter pants for the extra pockets. Me, carry a purse? No, I'm pretty sure I'd get my butt kicked for that in my line of work. This pouch carries everything I would usually keep in my pockets in a convenient location and frees up my pockets for anything else I need to jam in there for temporary use.

 The overall cost for me was rather low ($20) since I had everything except the pouch and the altoids for the tins. It IS after all what I carry every day.

Step 1: Start With Good Equipment!

I've always found myself needing "just one more thing" when I'm out and about. or I break what I have available to me. It's important to always chose the best gear you can afford, It pays off down the road.
 In my "kit" I have more than most people think I do, I'm always surprising people with whats all in this thing!

 Lets start with the pouch:
 I ordered it online through Menard's, a local midwest hardware store. Its known as a "tool belt pouch" but after looking at a picture for a few minutes, it was easily modded for my use.

FIRST MOD: magnetic closure over multitool. I HATE losing tools, especially when they run me more than 50 bucks. i changed that possibility by placing two hard drive magnets into the pouch. one was in the "pen holders" area directly over the multi tool, the other was a bit more difficult in that i had to slice the webbing of the pouch to slide in a magnet down to the snap. In retrospect, i would have made the slice on the inside so that it would be visible. Melt the webbing so that it does not fray.
 SECOND MOD add a few snaps to keep the upper pouch closed, and on the back so that it does not slide off belt. this pouch has a secondary area that is supposed to fit "in your back pocket" however it does not do well around a belt. That is how most people will carry it, so make it secure!

Step 2: Must Have Digital Toys!

now lets add electronics:
ask yourself what is the MOST important thing you carry and you'll more than likely say a phone. I use my nextel for work and personal use, its always on me like it or not. Sometimes i dont get home as often as i should, so i also carry an extra battery.

that square looking deal is amazing. its an MP3 player, a digital book (studying for LPIC) FM radio, camera, video camera, voice recorder and typed notes. it also can double as a 4gb storage drive if i need it to.

 The hidden thumb drive you can make with instructables on this site elsewhere, however its hidden for me so that i can keep data SOMEWHAT concealed from most. people arent going to steal a gluestick usually.

 Flashlight. the smaller and brighter the better. it came with my leatherman, is brighter than my minimag and smaller to boot. runs on 1 AA battery, but eats them up pretty quick.

 I dont have my headphones showing on here because they dont fit (yet) into the pouch. given a few more weeks, ill figure it out somehow.

Step 3: Tools Pt 1

People keep asking me "why the chain?"
 Heres the detailed answer for this.

 With the help of the THREE carbiners i have on me at all times, the chain, once removed from the wallet, clips on to the leatherman loop and is now secured for overhead rigging situations. I wont drop my tool.
 Also, the chain keeps the wallet close at hand, and keeps the pouch as part of my "rig" that I put on every day.
 the "extra" carbiner in the pic attached to the pouch is for my keys to hang from (wife had car) while I'm working.

Step 4: Tools Part 2

After hacking a drill bit holder (look around on instructables for the "leatherman wave mods") i needed some bits.
TORX, SECURITY TORX, phillips, standard, square drive, and then I found the 1/4" drive adapter and a 3/8" adapter. This opened up new realms of possibilities for tools I can carry!

 Enter the Altoids! it fits 3 sets of bits, AND the adapters rather easily. all these tools go into the "main pouch" that is closed with a snap.

 I also carry 6 feet of solid core insulated wire (household electrical wire) it can wire up an exhaust, tie things shut, hold them open, the uses are only limited to creativity!

 In the FRONT pouch, between my phone and extra battery I keep a MINI screwdriver kit that I found at Lowes hardware for 1.99. it has 9 micro driver bits included in the handle.

Step 5:

I had an extra area that I threw a bunch of random things into, but I found myself always digging instead of finding. 

 (i might add im not a big fan of altoids, the creme de menthe are good though)
 this time i modified it for ease of retrieval using some paracord and the multi tool.

 Inside are paper clips (pre bent twist ties for my use), rubber bands (good for a lot of things), 5 bucks that is hidden from the wife (was 20, wife cleaned out wallet, and i was a bit embarrassed when i tried to get lunch so i used the emergency money)  an extra boot lace ( i use paracord in my boots) and a lighter.

 the lighter has a taped on "safety catch" so that it doesnt end up having the button pressed and leaks out all the fluid.

I also keep a sharpie, an oil based ink pen and a water based ink pen with me, it never fails, someone asks for one of the three during the course of a day!

Step 6: Time to Consider Whats Important to You!

I hope I've given you inspiration to create your own "urban survival kit" I've been using a variation of this kit for years, but this is the most refined one so far.
 I might add that in my briefcase that I carry I have a cell phone charger, a GPS and a first aid kit along with all my paperwork and  2 pair of gloves that I use for my job so this is not a "complete" kit by any means.
 Modify it for your own use!
 This is worn on a belt on my right side every day, but I use it every day! Some people may need more items or varied items than I have, but each kit is tailored to the person.

 Oh yeah, this is my first instructable, made the day I joined. I'll Probably be putting more up along the way.

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    9 Discussions

    You really want to be careful with the e-matic mp3 player, me and my brother had one, and the wires inside are very fragile. Mine was stuck on the screen with the sun and so was my brothers. We let it sit and it was about an hour and it was still stuck like that so I tried taking mine apart and the solder came right off.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Do a search of any big box retail home improvement store and you will find something to fit your needs, however if you want the EXACT model, its a "bucket boss CYA rear guard" tool pouch that I ordered online from Home Depot. Since then, Ive seen others that are more suited to my job and will eventually be upgrading it. I did however modify it from original with a few snaps.


    8 years ago on Step 2

    You should try these headphones: http://www.amazon.com/ARCTIC-Sound-ORACO-ERM28-GBA01-Headphones-Black/dp/B0040Z1EHY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1336387498&sr=8-2

    I've had them forever and they have great sound quality! They are wireless bluetooth (good for working, no cords to snag) They work with iPhone or iPod but I'm not sure about your MP3 player. Did I mention they fold? They come with their own case (which fits in my pockets, depending on which pants I wear and what else I'm carrying). They do have some sound leakage, but it's manageable. For a EDC, they are perfect. If you get an adapter, they can even work with your computer.

    Hate to sound like an advertisement, but I love them. They are surprisingly durable.


    9 years ago on Step 6

    Awesome, and never mind the chain and leatherman ( cough ) personal defense tool.


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 6

    "personal defense?" Ive got a .38 for that. a knife is a tool, no more dangerous than a pliers in a competent person's hands. I use the knife less than the scissors and pliers actually, the knife blades being somewhat "weak" in comparison to the other knives I have


    9 years ago on Introduction

    MP3 player of choice for me was the creative zen, I love it and walmart had a special on them for christmas


    9 years ago on Step 2

    what exactly is the rectangle mp3 device (make model) ive been looking for a nice all in one like that


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 2

    its a crappy 4gb Chinese one i picked up at a home improvement store on sale for 20 bucks. if you google search pictures for "cheap chinese mp3 player" youll see a few pictures of it.
    being honest, i dont know the model, make or any of it as it was 2 years ago i bought it.

    It is NOT great, but it does the job almost well enough not to be thrown out when i got my ipod. Id rather not use the ipod for my job though as it would get broken eventually. the reason i say its amazing is how much is packed into it and how few buttons control it.
    as a suggestion, if youre in the market for one of these "do all" units, DONT buy this one if its going to be your only media player.
    as something you just have as a backup unit it does the job well for the price.