Introduction: Ursula Octopus Dress

curled tentical dress

Step 1: Items Needed

●purple stretchy fabric
●black stretchy fabric
●1/2 inch wide elastic
●sewing machine
●black all purpose thread
●marking tool

Step 2: Making the Pattern

if you have a dress that fits you then you can use that to make your pattern (start A)

If you're starting from scratch no worries.the stretch in the fabric gives you a bit of leway on your design. (start B)


•lay your black fabric flat with the outside down

•take your dress and place on top, making sure your seams are to the edges of the dress

•pin if like or just trace the dress ,keeping your line at least 1 inch away from the actual seam.

•repeat with back

•if the dress has a seam on the waist just fold it at the point and scoot the bottom half 2 inches for seam allowance.

•pin and cut out your pattern
(if you are unsure of your tracing skills you can always use a newspaper first to trace on then put the cut paper on the fabric before cutting. that way you don't waste fabric if you need to adjust for seam allowance )

Step 3: STEP B

•take your waist,bust,hip,and length of the dress(from armpit to waist,and waist to knee) mesurments

•on newspaper draw a horazontal line the length of just your front bust

•in the mid of that, draw a line perpendicular

•draw another horizontal for the waist

•÷ the space by 4

•add the the top bust with an open v at the top of each to have the neckline come in so your dress hugs your boobs nicely. see pic for help.

•on a separate paper do the same for the back,remember your back will be a bit smaller cuz of boobs and such.

•for the bottom 1/2 your hip line crossing with the waist yo knee line is drawn

•the outer segments will have a slight curve in on the front and back


I wanted my dress to not quite hit the floor but if you want it longer just add a few inches to your design.

•the tentacles consists of 3 pieces of fabric

•2 black top pieces creating an A and one bottom purple side completing a triangle (x6 or x8 times depending on the amount of tentical you want ).

•the squared end of the purple tentical should be 2-3 inches longer than the black tentacles, because it will act as the back closer piece.

•sew your black 2 and purple together ,leaving the large end open

•then lay them flat with the two black sides up and inside out

I didn't want all the tentacles to look the same so it would appear like a more natural layout.

•with your elastic decide how you want your tentacles to curl.
for slight curl use longer segments and less tension

•for super curly shorter with more tension

•sew with the zig-zag stitch the elastic the inside seam of any 3 sides. switch it up so not to look all the same.

•flip right side in ,and fill with fiber fill stuffing

I used a chopstick to get the stuffing in the tips


•fold the top end corners of the purple tentical sides in and sew in a triangle .

•if you want 8 or 6 tentacles divide the circumference of the bottom seam by that number and make even marks of where to cut.

•cut about 2.5inch at each mark

•fold the sides in ,and sew to create the empty A space to fit the tentacles

•pining the tentacles first will help see what looks better and won't get tangled when finished.

•now sew each tentacle on
(I found hand sewing was the easiest way to do this)

•for the suction cups I crochet circles then sewed them on but if you have buttons or even just a glue gun then you can subistute something faster.

Step 6: The Final Look

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