Introduction: Usb Power Supply for a Speaker

if you see the following image(second image) you will see there is the plug of speaker but there is no free connection for speaker to use.
the solution is (first image)usb speaker

Step 1: You Need

1.usb data cable
2.plug of speaker

Step 2: Instructions

Cut the small end of usb data cable
Then,you can see four wires of different colours. Out of these four wire, we have to use red and blue wires(not green and white)
cut the second end of the adapter.Open it.
Connect red wire to positive terminal
and blue wire to negative terminal(see the following images)
that's all !
connect usb data cable to usb port of computer and other end to speaker.
now when you start computer, speaker also start without adapter !
Please see the video to understand properly.

Step 3: Video of Making Usb Speaker

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