Introduction: Use 5 Sounds to Make the Music (small Bee)

Use 5 sounds to make the music (small bee)

Purpose: This is the small piano machine, it help people who want to make a simple song in home. The purpose of this machine is using 5 sounds to helps the poor people can not buy the keyboard or wants to learn music. For example, the small child wants to play sound for a while, then he or she can use the arduino keyboard. Arduino is expensive too, but I think parents will suppose their children to buy arduino for creative, and it is more better than playing keyboard.

Why I want to choose this project? In my childhood, my parents even don’t have any enough money to that me go to school, so my dream is using my creative to plan and try to create a small piano.

This project was inspired by the project while changing the functions below:

Changing the different suona trumpet to let the sound more differently, also it is using different rate of recurrence to let the sound have high and low pitch. Changing the different induction equipment to let the more easily to induct.

The supplies used: Arduino Leonardo*1 5V stepper motor*1 suona trumpet Ultrasonic sensor*1 Female-to-male Dupont wires*10 USB-A to MicroUSB cable*1 (To connect the Arduino board to the computer) Portable power bank*1 (Can be replaced by a phone charger or any safe and useable power sources) Cardboard (For the body of the device. Can be replaced by any strong material) Glue and tape (Can be replaced by an adhesive or other tools able to connect the material used for the body of the device Software (Arduino IDE)

Step one: Assembling the Arduino circuit

Materials needed: Arduino Leonardo*1 5V stepper motor*1 Breakout board*1 Ultrasonic sensor*1 Female-to-male Dupont wires*10 Laptop or any computer capable of running Arduino

Details: Connect the breakout board to the Arduino board (- on the breakout board-->GND on the Arduino board) (+ on the breakout board-->5V in the Arduino board) (IN1→2on the Arduino board) (IN2→~3 on the Arduino board) (IN3→~4 on the Arduino board) (IN4→~5 on the Arduino board) (IN4→~6 on the Arduino board) Puting seora trumpet on the arduino board (GND→GND on the Arduino board) Make sure that the cables are arranged in the correct order so that no technical errors or dangerous malfunctions occur before advancing to the next step.

Step 2: Assembling the box and machine

Make a container using the material prepared with seven holes on the top for the seora trumpet (Make sure that the lines points up and is in front of the placement position, and also one more holes on the left of box for the USB cable to come out and for the motor to be exposed outside Cut the box of same size with the arduino board Make a box for the arduino board and layout the box

Step 3: The code

Use the code given below:

Step 4: Test running and safety precautions:

Test run the whole process and make sure no lines break, also add any stabilizing improvements to ensure the quality and safety of the device. Do not change the codes for the seora trumpet because of the high and low pitch, making the string tangle in the device and cause the motor to break down. Enjoy the project!

Step 1: