Introduction: Use Home Video in IMovie for IPad

This is my first instructable which should show you how to add home videos to your camera roll in order to edit with iMovie for iOS on your ipad!

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Step 1: Dropbox

First step: As your videos/images have to be in your camera roll/photo stream for iMovie (iOS) to recognise them first you need to get them there!
The easiest way to do that is Dropbox so visit their website and make an account!

Step 2: Dropbox Continued......

Next if you're working with video's your going to want as much space as you can get!, now you can pay £69.99 a year for 100GB of storage but if you complete some surveys and suggest Dropbox to friends you can rack up 3 or more GB free space which I use as once your files are on you device they can be removed from Dropbox freeing up space so take a moment to click the get free space button and expand your storage!

Step 3: Uploading

Now you have space upload the files you want on your device to your new Dropbox account either by downloading the app on your mac or PC and copying to the folder which uploads to your user or directly online through your browser! WARNING this is a time consuming section unless your internet connection is SUPERFAST!

Step 4: Downloading

By now your files are on your Dropbox now you will need to download the app for iOS just go to the App Store and download the Dropbox app!

Step 5: Downloading Continued......

Now you have Dropbox app and your files are uploaded go into you drop box select the file you want and hit the button up top that looks like a square
with an arrow which will then give you the option to save that file!, the default area for vids and images to be saved on your ipad is your camera roll!

Step 6: Final Step

Now that's done when you open iMovie (iOS) and create a movie/trailer the footage you imported should be in the right panel under video/all!

Have fun editing on your ipad and I hope you enjoyed my first instructable!