Introduction: Use Shoeboxes As Pretty Storage Containers

You can buy pretty containers at the store, but I would need too many and that would be expensive.

I pick the shoe boxes up for free at my local shoe store and for the wrapping paper I just use whatever I have at home. You could use any paper or fabric you have at home - maybe even newspaper. Using a different paper for box and lid will create a nice effect too.

These boxes are great for storing craft suppliers and decor (I use holiday gift wrap for seasonal decor), I sometimes store a whole craft project in one box including yarn, needles and pattern.


You will need:

- shoebox

- wrapping paper

- tape measure (works without, but it's easier)

- ruler

- scissors

- pen for marking

- glue (whatever kind you like, I used double sides tape)

Step 1: Take Measurements

Using a tape measure go around your shoebox on the outside (lengthwise and crosswise) and add some to both sides so you can wrap the edges with paper.

Cut a rectangle from the wrapping paper the size you measured.

Step 2: Cut the Wrapping Paper

Stick your box to the middle of the rectangle (I just eyeball it), now cut the corners away like shown.

Leave some paper on the long sides so you can overlap the paper on the edge. I just use a ruler and trace it on the wrong side.

I just used the weights so you could see better how I cut the paper, you don't need to use weights.

Step 3: Attach the Paper to the Sides

Attach the paper tothe long sides first, cut off the exess of the overhang so you can wrap the edge nicely.

Step 4: Attach the Paper to the Front and Back

Now attach the paper to the shorter sides and wrap the top edge.

Step 5: (Optional) Create a Tag for the Front

Create a tag using some leftover cardboard box so you can find your supplies faster later on. Cut into a shape you like and line the outside with a marker.

Step 6: Finish

Follow steps 1-4 again to cover the lid. Attach the tag to the front of your box and enjoy!

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