Introduction: Use Zip Ties to Identify Luggage

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Use Zip Ties to Identify Luggage

At the Airport Luggage Carousel they always have those signs that say, "Many Bags Look Alike - Please Match Your Claim Check Numbers to Your Baggage...". And for obvious reasons! It seams that the favorite color of luggage is BLACK! Everyone has black luggage! So its no wonder that occasionally someone walks off with someone else's luggage.

My solution - Mark you bags with zip ties! An identifying flag right on the handle! It helps you locate your bag amongst the sea of Black Luggage and shouts 'NO' to those who would inadvertently grab your bag by mistake.

Step 1: Materials

Besides your favorite Luggage you will need:

1. Some colorful zip ties

2. Diagonal cutters

Step 2: Find Your Handle - Loop Your Tie

Find the handle(s) you want to identify (luggage these days often has two or more).

Pass your zip tie through the handle noting that the zip tie should be assembled with the free end pointing upward (It just seems to lay better that way).

Step 3: Tighten the Zip Ties

Position the zip ties at the ends of the handle so that they don't get in the way when carrying your bag.

Tighten your zip ties tight onto your luggage handle.

Step 4: Cut Zip Ties Flush

Cut your zip ties flush so that none of the free end extends past the tie body.

Its important to get the diagonal's blade aligned parallel with the body of the tie so that the cut is parallel to the body and nothing sticks out.

Step 5: All Done

There you have it!

Luggage that's easy to find and gives a definite, "I'm not yours!" to people not paying attention.


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