Use a Real Pedal With Guitar Hero World Tour (even Your Destroyer Pedal...sort Of)

Introduction: Use a Real Pedal With Guitar Hero World Tour (even Your Destroyer Pedal...sort Of)

I love rock band and I also love Guitar Hero World Tour. Some of you may have made your own pedal or bought the destroyer pedal for your rock band drum set. Some of you like me may have plugged in your modded/destroyer pedal into the GHWT drum set only to find out that it doesn't work. Why is that? If I'm not mistaken the WT pedal uses a piezo sensor which senses force and it turns into an electric signal. The rock band pedal however uses the reed switch which senses magnetic fields and sends a signal. This instructable will show how you can use a real pedal to work with GHWT. Its very simple and you probably don't need to read on by looking at the picture. But I will continue writing anyways.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

You will need the following items for this project:
-Hot Glue Gun (optional but recommended)
-Duct tape or any kind of tape (duct tape is better though)
-piece of paper (optional)
-something straight and hard to mount your GHWT pedal against
-GHWT Pedal
-a real pedal (destroyer pedal*)
-a saw or chain saw* (I'll explain at the end)
*the destroyer/omega/rock pedal can be used however, you will not be able to uses the sensors to activate the bass drum. You will need to insert the beater that it comes with in order for it to work. The beater will hit the back of the GHWT pedal in order for the bass drum to activate.

Step 2: First Step

Grab whatever you are going to mount your pedal against. I'm using my laundry basket for this. Just make sure whatever you are using is perfectly straight. If you choose to glue gun your pedal against your object you can put a piece of paper on your object to not get glue on it.

Step 3: Gluing Your Pedal

If you do not wish to glue gun your pedal skip this step but the glue does come off without leaving any residue.
Before you glue your pedal make sure you find the spot where the bottom top of the GHWT pedal and the beater meets. (refer to the picture below if you don't know what i mean). Once you locate a good spot put four lines of glue at the top of the foot part of the pedal and stick on to your object. Make sure you do this quickly before the glue dries. After you glue it you can tape the bottom and top part of the pedal to keep it secure.

Step 4: Taping the Pedal

If you want to tape your pedal tape the top, bottom and the middle of it.

Step 5: Set Up and Play

All you have to do know is line up the two pedals and you're done. Its not the greatest mod but it will have to do until somebody comes up with a modded pedal like the destroyer pedal.

Step 6: Cut It Up

I suppose this mod might be better if someone were to cut off the top portion of the pedal leaving only the sensor and the wire. Although I would like to do this I'm to afraid that I might screw it up, plus it will void the warranty. If someone has the balls to this then by all means go ahead and try it and let me know how it turns out.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    i think this is totaly stupid. and i´m not sure about the accuracy of this. u have to press the normal pedal and the pedal have to touch the GH pedal... too slow operation! i´m sorry dude!


    11 years ago on Step 6

    I think you should not be afraid and do it any way.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I made an account here just to let you know I'm very grateful for this idea. I smashed the pressure pad for the pedal, but the sensor was still intact and figured I'd rig this up before I started inquiring for a replacement. This is an extremely resourceful way to fix that. It works amazingly. I have mine set up somewhat permanently though.