Introduction: Use an IMac or Macbook As a Wireless Internet Tether for Xbox Live

In my first instructable, I will show you how to use an iMac, or Macbook as a wireless internet tether so you can use xbox live with out buying the expensive wireless internet adapter.

What you will need:
A Mac with Mac OSX
An Xbox 360
A wireless internet access point that you have access to
An ethernet cable

Step 1: Setup Some Preferences

Go on your mac and go to system preferences. Go to the network tab. Click on the ethernet button on the right side, then go to configure and select manually. enter the address as and then enter the subnet mask as .

Step 2: Enable Sharing

Go back to the system preference main tab and choose the Sharing Tab. Check the box that says Internet Sharing. Then say share your conection from the Airport, and make sure the check box beneith that is on the Ethernet box. Now plug the ethernet cable into the iMac or Macbook and then the other end of it to the Xbox 360.

Step 3: Setup on the Xbox

The next thing you need to do is too go to My Xbox on the NXE.(New Xbox Experience). Go to System Settings and then choose Network Settings. Select your IP settings and choose manual. Now enter as your IP Address, as your Subnet Mask, and as your Gateway and hit done. Go ahead and test it right now, it will fail. Now go back to edit network settings and select your DNS settings this time and once again choose "Manual." Now go back to the Network tab on your mac and click on the Airport Sidebar Button, then click advanced. Click on the DNS button and see what the DNS servers panel says, in my case it is Enter this number as your Primary DNS Server. Then go to this website:
It will tell you what your IP is. Enter this number as the secondary DNS Server on the xbox. Select done and test your connection.

You are now done and should be connected to xbox live. Please note that you will need to have your mac on and plugged into the xbox the whole time, and it may be a little laggy depending on your signal stregth.