Introduction: How to Make a Console Controller Work As a Mouse.

These instructions will guide you through the process of setting up a controller to be used as a mouse to move your cursor or ever as button of your keyboard. You will need a wired USB game controller and a windows computer.

Step 1: Plug Into a USB Port

Connect the controller to your PC via USB.

Step 2: Download and Install Software

Go to to download the software. Then open and run the executable and follow the instructions to get the program installed.

Step 3: Go to Settings Menu

Open the JoyToKey program and go to "configure joysticks" from the "settings" tab menu.

Step 4: Choose Controller

Go to the Advanced Settings tab and choose your device from the "Please select a device" menu.

Step 5: Assign Stick1

Close the dialog box and right click on "Stick1: <-". Click on "edit button assignment".

Step 6: Go to the Mouse Tab

Click on 'mouse' from the categories

Step 7: Choose What "stick1: <-" Does

We can now assign stick1: <- a function. Set the cursor movement slider to a negative number for left on the horizontal slider and a positive number for right.

Repeat steps for the rest of stick1 and remember to use the same magnitude for each direction.

Step 8: Optional*

You can now repeat the steps for "stick2" with diffrent values for more or less sensitive cursor movements

Step 9: Setup a Mouse Click Button

Finally, add a mouse click button by going to "edit button assignment" on the button you want to use as a mouse click. (For example, button 5 for right click and button 6 for left click)

Step 10: Add Left or Right Click

From the keyboard category tab, right click on the 1st box labeled disabled and assign it a mouse click button

Step 11: Check That All Button Are Set Up

For a good starting point you can refer to the picture above and confirm that your settings are identical or similar. If all is how you want it, you can minimize the JoyToKey program and use your controller as your mouse.