Use And/or Download IHeartRadio Outside of USA

Introduction: Use And/or Download IHeartRadio Outside of USA

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Do any of you outside of the US want iHeartRadio but don't know how to get it, and you can't use the site because it knows your location?
Do anyone, American or not, want to USE iHeartRadio in another country?
Fortunately, you can, but it's a little harder to do so.

Step 1: You Will Need:

Easy way: Windows 8/8.1 PC (desktop, laptop, tablet) or Windows Phone running latest OS and access to Wifi
Hard way: Android or iOS device and access to Wifi, and a few other things to do

Step 2: How to Get IHeartRadio Outside of the US

If you're not from the US and want to get iHeartRadio outside of the US:
The easy way is to use any kind of Windows device, where you will only need to screw with the Windows OS. Simply connect to Wifi or Data (on a phone or tablet) switch your region to USA while signed in with your Microsoft account, and search for iHeartRadio in the Store. It's a free app. Download it.
Getting it on an iOS or Android is harder. Connect to Data or Wifi, and then go screw with your Apple/Google account. Switch your region to US, as well as remove your billing address and any existing credit card. If you have redeemed iTunes or Play cards, I'm not sure what would happen to your credit. Finally, go search for the free app, and download.

Step 3: Use IHeartRadio Oustide of the USA

For the Americans, we should already have it. For the foreigners, you should have it from following the previous steps. It will not work on data, since iHeartRadio detects what network you're on and where it's from. Instead, sign out if you have an iHeart account and are signed in, and remove your ZIP code. Next, connect to Wi-Fi. Use the app, although all you can do is listen.

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    5 years ago

    my pc is not compatible for wifi service bcoz I use cpu. any instructions for me? please!!!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Hi Hemant. I believe apart from mobile data, any type of internet should do as long as it is stable and fast enough. That means, you can also use ethernet cable for performing the above steps. If you still wanna connect your Desktop PC to a wifi network, all you need to do is purchase a PCI/PCIE network adaptor that is abundantly available online at a cheaper price. Once you get the PCI/PCIE network adaptor, you need to attach it on the motherboard of your desktop. That way, your desktop computer will be able to connect to an wifi network that is available at your place provided you do have the login credentials for it.

    N.B. Before buying the network adaptor, please do not forget to check if the motherboard has PCI or PCIE slots.

    I know a little about computers. I hope the above step helps you to reach your goal:-)