Introduction: Use Playstation Remote on Pc With Arduino

I've been gifted a old playstation 1 remote one day and wanted to use it on computer and then bought an adapter on ebay wich was defective. So i finally decided to make my own with an arduino duemilanove. I first tried to use use it as a usb controller wich could be better but i needed the next generetion of arduino, the uno. I also tried to use the ps/2 library and emulate a keyboard but it didn't worked. So i finally ended by using the arduino to only send the data in serial to a C# program that i made to emulate the keyboard.

Step 1: Material

For this instructable, you will need:
-An arduino (any board should work)
-Soldering iron and solder or a breadboard
-A 10k resistor
-Any playstation 1 or 2 remote
-A playstation socket (optionnal)

Step 2: The Hardware

To proprely link the remote to the arduino, you have to connect the brown wire(data) on digital 12, the orange(cmd) on digital 13, the black wire to ground, the red to 5V(you might also try 3.3V), the yellow(attention) to digital 10 and the blue(clock) to digital 11.

You will also have to put a 10k resistor between the data pin-digital12 and red wire-5V.

If you use the remote socket, just follow the picture i sent.

Step 3: The Software

This is my Arduino code any the exe of my program. It already set to send keystrokes and you can choose wich COM port the arduino use.
You will need to connect the remote to the arduino before uploading the code to it.

If you need help, feel free to comment and if you know a easy way to share C# projects on Visual Studio, i could give you my source.
Also, do not forget to keep the .dll (additional library) next to the .exe or it won't work.

Step 4: