Introduction: Use the “Single View” Screen to Grade an Activity in Moodle

This step-by-step guide is to help you understand one of the possible ways of grading activities in Moodle. This method is called single view and is a preferred method by many instructors when grading in Moodle. Point values entered through the ‘Single view’ screen automatically appear in the Moodle gradebook.

List of Required Experience:

  • You must have basic Moodle navigation skills
  • You must have basic knowledge of the Moodle setup
  • You must have knowledge of creating activities in Moodle

List of Required Moodle Items:

  • You must have an existing Moodle course
  • You must have an existing Gradebook setup
  • You must have an existing activity in your Moodle course
  • You must have students in your course to be graded

Disclaimer by Victoria Bessette: Please note, this is not official training for using Moodle to grade activities. Use this helpful guide for support and not a replacement for professional Moodle training. Victoria Bessette cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content or the results from using this tutorial. By using this tutorial, you accept all responsibility for all errors or damages resulting from the use of any part of this tutorial and release Victoria Bessette from all responsibilities of damages resulting in its use.

Step 1: Step One: Gradebook Setup

Click the ‘Gradebook setup’ link located in the ‘Administration’ block.

Note: This link takes you to the gradebook setup page. The gradebook should be setup before continuing this tutorial. Setting up the grade is not covered in this training session.

Step 2: Grade Dropdown Menu

Click ‘Single view’ from the ‘Grade dropdown' menu in the left upper corner of the screen.

Note: This menu is very helpful to navigation all the gradebook options. You should be familiar with the gradebook navigation.

Step 3: Select Grade Item

From the ‘Select grade item…’ dropdown menu, select the grade item to grade.

Note: This menu contains a list of all the activities in your course. Category totals also appear in the list of items. NEVER enter values in the category totals. Let Moodle calculate your gradebook totals.

Step 4: Select the First Textbox

Click inside the first text box and enter the numerical grade for this student.

Note: The instructor’s name appears in the roster so you must skip over your name when grading. You can also use yourself to test grade settings before publishing your gradebook to students.

Step 5: Tab to Next Student

Hit the tab key to move to the next student and enter the point value for the next student. Continue tabbing and entering a point value for each student.

Note: You must enter a grade of zero for students that did not complete the assignment. Moodle excludes empty grades an empty grade will not count against a student's final grade.

Step 6: Save Grades

Click the ‘Save changes’ button when you are finished.

Note: Grades must be saved to be added to the gradebook.

Note: Grades can immediately be seen by the student for all open activities. You may decide to hide the activity until you are done grading all students. Then the grades will be seen by all students at the same time.

Step 7: Demonstration Video

This video provides a step-by-step demonstration for grading a Moodle activity using the 'Single view' screen. Many learners prefer watching a demonstration to help visually see the steps given in a process. I hope this video helps you to understand the step to grading in Moodle.

Step 8: Final Notes

Note:Hidden/closed activities are not included in the gradebook even if they contain a point value.

Hidden/closed activities:

  • What Students See – If hidden, the student’s ‘User report’ does not display the graded activities or include it in the grade totals.
  • What Instructors See – If hidden, instructors see the hidden graded activity in the students’ ‘Grader report’ yet they are not calculated in the grade totals.