Introduction: DIY Shelf Made Just for Students!

Hi guys and welcome to my instructable!

Why did I do this?
Well, as I am a student, I really needed to create some space in my room. So, I went inside of my garage hoping to find something, and to my surprise, I did! So, I gathered up the materials and made it up, this project too me about 2 months so I would appreciate some love, thanks!


Thing you need
A marker
That’s it!

Step 1: Get Any Small Size Shelf

For this step, I just took some materials like I said perviously, anyways, for my first floor I will be doing a tech kind of thing we’re I will be putting all my tech gadgets so it’s more organized. If you want to do the same, I recommend you follow exactly what I’m doing as it comes in pretty handy! READ BELLOW FOR MAKING SHELF sorry for no pictures as I didn’t initially want to do this, so I just wrote it out hope it helped, if need help, comment down bellow!

Building the shelf:

What you can do is this:

Step 1: get a few quite thin planks that are rectangular shapes and cut them all until they are all the same size and shape

Step 2. Get 4 long circular sticks to help it stand up

Step 3: Measure the sticks width

Step 4: Cut, a whole, the same width in the planks with something like a saw. It’s easy to do don’t worry!

Step 5: When done, stick all the sticks in the wholes in the planks to make it stand up right. If the bottom of the stick are a bit bumpy, sand it until it’s smooth

Step 6: Stick the planks with hot glue so it can stand up.

Step 7: if you are interspersed in painting, paint it multi color, and that’s all!

If you are not interested in making all this, you can always get a pre made shelf and follow my steps!

Lets’s get on!

For the little pen rubbers at the end of the stick, I just got that online, you don’t have to do it, it’s just an accessory!

Step 2: Make This Section the Book Section

For this step, what i did was go through all my revision and stuff to put in this section. This is because I am a student and if I’m running late, I don’t have to scramble through my bedroom to try and find my books, I just have to go to my handy dandy shelf and get my books from there! I also recommend you do this so it can help you in a situation similar like this!

If you noticed, my shelf is actually near my bed, so I decided to put a diary near there so I can just write away by just grabbing it with no need to stand up to go and get it! You could try position your shelf near your bed as-well!

Step 3: This Is the Important Step to Make This a Quite Nice Section,

For this step, you could go and get some of the things that you may need in the future. In my opinion, I think this is pretty nice as you can just slip in things to use so if you ever need something, you can get it from there. I find this step particularly useful as I am a person who always looses things, so I get pretty mad. So I can just go to that section and find the thing that I needed.

I name this section, the ^ need in the future ^ section. Pretty cool right?

Step 4: This Is How I Did Mine

For this step, I just put some things I don’t think I need any thing for the future because I’m quite a minimalist! Anyways, you guys might have quite a lot of things so in my opinion, I really do think this will help you guys out! ( Thank me later!)

Well, this is the last step! Wasn’t it so quick? Anyways, I hope yours did turn out better than mine, anyways, thanks for following along and I’ll see later! Bye!

Challenge just for you!
Can you jazz it up a little bit? Jazz it up by adding lights, or something like that. Go creative! Make sure to send it to me in the comments and I’d love to see you guys to it! Thanks for reading! Bye again! :)

Step 5: This Is How Mine Turned Out

Hope you liked how I did, if you want to suggest any improvements, do so down bellow! Thanks, bye!

Sorry, if you noticed scratches, this is because I fell it on concrete on accident, sorry, anyways, thanks for reading once again!

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