Used Tea-Bag Angel

Introduction: Used Tea-Bag Angel

The poor mans angel wishes you a beautiful Christmas. A decorative translucent angel made from the most unlikely material: a used dirty old tea-bag.

Step 1: Dry

After you finished your lovely cup of tea, save the tea bag. Let it dry. Black tea gives the most coloring witch add to the character of the angel.

Step 2: Empty

Cut the bag open just below the folds. Only cut the top layer. Remove the tea

Step 3: Cut

Fold the bag open and press it flat. Cut along the three lines in the second picture. Cut only the top layer of paper.

Step 4: Crease

Fold the bottom corners open and make creases where the neck is going to be.

Step 5: Tie

Tie a little piece of thread round the neck. Fold both wings upward and glue them with a tiny bit of glue to the shoulders.

Step 6: Fly

If you want, decorate the angel with gold felt tip pen or glitter. Make as much as you can drink and find the most beautiful place to hang them. ( in front of Christmas lights) Idea: Glue them to your seasons greetings cards.

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    Leuk idee, Ruud. Ik heb nog wat oude theezakjes liggen die ik voor een "mad-science" experiment bewaarde, maar ik denk dat ik mijn dochters deze morgen laat maken.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, that's pretty cool! Simple and delicate, just as angle-themed decor ought to be, in my opinion!