Introduction: Useful 3D Prints: Bathroom

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Hi! Nice to see you there. I want to introduce you to my new series of Instructables, videos, thingiverse things and so on about 3D printing. But I want to show you different side of 3D printing. Right there we wouldn't print benchys (that's this small boat for testing 3D printers) Yoda's head and some more really popular models. Those things are cool, but are almost completly useless. If you ever considered buying a 3D printer you may thought what can you use it for. Here I want to show you how useful 3D printing is, and bring 3D printers one step closer to every home. And the last thing, I wouldn't use any model from internet, everything in useful 3D prints will be designed by me - well designed, tested, printed and optymized for fast and cheap printing. I will also give you best settings for each model so it will be easier to print it without any problems.

I divide the series for few parts, the first one is bathroom, what I want to do next is kitchen, garden, winter, bike, action cameras and so on. If you have an idea about what I can design, or you have a topic that I may cover leave a comment or write here: nikodem.bartnik(at)

Step 1: My Printers, Software and Filament

Before we will start printing I want to say few things about gear that I use and software because a lot of you might be interested in it. Let's start with my 3D printers, right now I have 4 of them. Main printer (the one that I print with the most) is CR10 mini because it's quality is amazing:

for bigger things I use CR10 (almost as good as the mini version):

I also have Anet E10:

And JGAurora 605S:

If you want to buy a 3D printer you should definitely check out CR10 and CR10 mini, if you want something really cheap check out Anet A8 it is the cheapest 3D printer and at the same time it is actually good one.

For designing my models I use Fusion360 (<3) that's best program ever and if you want to design cool stuff or even if you don't you should try this program and you will never come back to your old CAD. It is a perfect all in one solution not ony good for 3D printing but also for laser cut, water jets, milling, turning, or metal sheet bending.

To slice my models to GCODE I use Cura, that's a powerful and easy to use solution, and it's free. I used to use Slicer but I don't like it's user interface so I switched to Cura.

Filament's that I use are mainly PLA, sometimes flex or PET, I don't use ABS at all, it is dangerous and you should print in well ventilated room ( I have 4 3D printers at 7m², and one window in my room). That's not the only problem with ABS, it is just much harder to print with it.Here are some of my most favorite filaments:



Step 2: Paste Pusher

Paste pusher is very popular model because it is very useful you can find a lot of them on thingiverse. Some of them are cool with some animal faces or so. But what if you need a super simple one that you can easily print in 20 minutes, without any additional features. ANd you want it to fit on all type of paste or ointments? Here is my solution!

Small but compatible with any type of paste and ointments, you can print it in less than 20 minutes and the cost of it is few cents.

Step 3: Soap Dish

Soap dish is a very usefull thing to hold a soap in place. I wanted to keep it simple but also give this interesting look. Oblique strips let water drift and soap to dry. It is very small and light so you can easily fit it on your sink. You don't have to use supports for this print remember to rotate model in your slicer (as shown on the image above). There are no any sepcific settings for this print

Step 4: Comb

Almost every one uses comb every day. What if you just lost one? It is late at night, the next day, early at the morning you are going to antarctica and you lost your comb. What then? Don't worry! You can print this comb in less than hour and have a perfect hairstyle on the antartica under your cap, hood and a lot of snow. But as you may know hair style is very important. Keep the infill over 20% otherwise it will be easy to break.

Step 5: Toothbrushes Holder

What if your family has few tooth brushes and storing them is a problem? Do you have that? Here is the solution. Small (maybe even too small) tooth brush holder that you can fix to your wall with screws or tape. You can store there up to 4 toothbrushes or brush heads for your electrical tooth brush. You can easily tak them out and put them in. No special settings for this print. You can also scale it if your toothbrushes are bigger.

Step 6: Toothbrush Case

And the last thing for this epilog/part/article. Toothbrush case! I come up with an idea for that when I was going to a bike trip for a week with my dad. I couldn't find my tootbrush case so I thought I will design one and print it. It consists of 2 parts and you can print both of them at once. It is quite big but it will fit on all prusa like 3D printers. Printing time in this case is not so good, it takes about 3 hours 30 minutes to print whole case. I optymalized this model for fast printing, there is no infil, there are just full layers and perimeters. So you should keep top/bottom thickness big enaugh to print bottom of the case fully with infil that should be around 3- 4 layers. And wall thickenss (or perimeter) should be set to 1.2mm. I am the most proud of this model in this part, it is quite simple but I got this perfect fit of the bottom and top part at the first try. It is also water proof so even if your toothbrush is wet you don't have to worry about it.

Step 7: Conclusion, Links, FAQ

The most common questions:

1. What 3D printer/software/filament do I use?

Check out first step of this tutorial :)

2. What usefull 3D prints is about?

It is about different side of 3D printing that I want to show you. The very usefull and practical one. Simple models, easy to print, fast to print for everybody!

3. How can I sugest a topic or model idea?

You can leave a comment below, I read all of them sometimes I haven't time to respond, but don't worry all of your comments will be read. You can also send me a message on Facebook, check out links below.

So that's all for this part or article in the usefull 3D prints series. I hope you like it! If you have any questons, ideas, or you just want to say hi, don't forget to leave a comment below :) Also don't forget to follow me on instructables to be informed about my new projects, and about new usefull 3D prints! Also Subscribe me on my YouTube channel:

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