Useful Stuff Made of Woods From the Old Roof



Introduction: Useful Stuff Made of Woods From the Old Roof

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Hi everyone,

First of all i would like to tell you that this is an "WOOD CARE CONTEST" instructable so please vote if you like the project!

After the replacement of our roof we kept all the woods and i started take care of them!!!

The only you want to have is match time and a lot of patient...
Here i will travel you to my creations...
There are a lot of woods...
Let your imagination guide you...

Here i will present you my first 4 creations:

1-A backyard table
2-A tray
3-A flower pot holder
4-A store sign

Step 1: Tools and Stuff

You must have the following in order to work with those woods...

1.Drilling machine
2.Mouse sander
3.Big paint brush
5.Varius size nails
6.Wood Stain
7.Varius size screws
8.Protective glasses
9.Protective Gloves
10.Wood Saw
11.Measuring tape
12.A wood planer
13.A wood glue
14.soldering iron
15.A wood worm killer
16.Some epoxy for wood repair

Step 2: The Wooden Table for the Backyard....

This is my first creation...

A table for the backyard....
I made and some stands to sit about 6 persons confortably...

These are the big woods from the roof...
The preparation of the wood is the following:

1-Cut the woods
2-Plan them with the planer very well
3-Sand them with the sander very well
4-Blow up them to throw away all the dust
5-Fill up the holes with the worm killer
6-Fill up all the holes with the epoxy and leave it to dry
7-Sand all the epoxy with the sander
8-Blow up again all the dust
9-Apply a layer of a stain and leave them to dry
10-Apply another one layer of stain and you are ready to beggin assembly the woods...


If you like you can add more layers of stain...
The more layers the darker the result and the "wood waters"

Step 3: The Wooden Store Sign

This is for my father's cafe.

Follow the instruction of the preparation of the woods described in a previous step...
The letters are made with the help of a soldering iron...

1-First print the big letters
2-After place them on the wood and Draw above them so to be noticable on the wood...
3-Last draw the wood with the soldering Iron...

Last you have to put some chains to combine the tow woods and to mount it on the roof....
The chains are placed on the woods via some screwed chain holders

Step 4: The Wooden Flower Pot Holder

The flower pot holder...

Follow the instruction of the preparation of the woods described in a previous step...

I made it for some cactus i have...

Step 5: The Wooden Tray

Some screws and some glue are enouph for this project...

You have to insist on the mouse sander for smoother results...
Before the stain you may draw a flower or something with the soldering iron..
You can choose the color you want for the stain...

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