Introduction: Using Canon MP-198 Scanner Without Ink or Cartridge

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If you ever had a Canon Multifunction printer, or MP series, or a Multifunction printer in general, then maybe you already know that in order to use all functions on that Multifunction printer, it has to be in "Ready to use" condition, in other word, for example: if you want to scan a paper, your printer ink and cartridge must be installed AND not running low. If your ink is in low level or lets say empty, you can say goodbye to your Multifunction printer's "scanning" capability.

Sounds ridiculous? well, YES and NO.

Yes, if we think (as user) : "Scanning paper doesn't require or need any ink".

No, if we thing (as manufacture): "in order to (continue) use our product (your multifunction printer), you must (continue) buying our ink/cartridge".

So instead of talking about who's wrong who's right, in this instructable, i will share my trick or tips, or hack, or way around, or howto, or whatever it called, to Scanning with Canon MP-198 printer without using any ink/cartridge.

  • All you need is Canon MP 198 printer, and 1 sheet paper.
  • NO ink, NO cartridge.
  • Assumption: driver are installed properly since i assume that you already use the printer to print before.

Well lets start:

As seen on pic above, that is what will happen when we try to use canon mp198's scanner function, when ink are running LOW or Empty.
There will be an error warning when we open scanning windows to acquiring image from your image editor, bla bla bla, na na na, and for sure it wont scan anything.

Step 1: Remove All Cartridge

We need to remove all cartridge. No ink, no cartridge.

Turn printer ON, lift upper body to access cartridge, remove cartridge by pushing it to the front (to you).

Step 2: Enter 0 Mode

Now we need to enter 0 mode. I call this 0 mode because its simply show 0 on the display.

This is the steps:

  1. Turn printer OFF.
  2. Disconnect USB cable.
  3. Close front lid (where paper come out after printed).
  4. Insert A PAPER into paper tray. (please use new sheet, dont use crumpled paper).
  5. Press and HOLD "stop/reset" button.
  6. Press and HOLD "ON" button.
  7. Release "stop/reset" button.
  8. Press and release "stop/reset" button 2x.
  9. Release "ON" button.
  10. Wait a moment, printer will enter into 0 mode, it will show "0" (zero) on its display.
  11. AFTER show "0", turn OFF printer by pressing ON button.
  12. PAPER will slightly coming/moving in.

Go to next step after PAPER slightly coming/moving in.

Step 3: Enter E3 Mode

Then we enter E3 mode. E3 mode will blink "E" and "3" continuously.

The steps are:

  1. TURN ON printer.
  2. PAPER will continue moving into the printer.
  3. After half of paper inside, it will stop moving.
  4. Then it will display E3, blink "E" and "3" continuously.

Continue next step after E3 mode.

Step 4: Enter 1 Mode

We will then enter 1 mode, because it will show "1" on its display. 1 mode means printer are ready to use (as scanner) even without ink/cartridge.

The steps:

  1. Open front lid (where paper come out after printed).
  2. PAPER will continue moving and eventually coming out from front lid.
  3. Close front lid again.
  4. Finish, wait and it will go to 1 mode.

Step 5: Start Scanning Without Any Ink or Cartridge

Connect USB to your PC, and finally you can start using your Canon MP 198 as a scanner (again).

This is video for entire steps, Scan with Canon MP198 without ink / cartridge: