Introduction: Using Dot Matrix 8x8 to Count 60-1 and 1-10

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This Instructable will show how a Dot matrix can count from 60-1 .The Dot matrix can also count 1-10 .

It will require an Arduino ,Dot matrix and the Codes .

Step 1: Theory of Dot Matrix

The Dot matrix is a 2 Dimensional display .It consists of 8 columns and 8 rows .If you look closely at the matrix there are small dots ..The Dot matrix also has a large IC(integrated circuit) which drives the LEDs .The Arduino and the Code (program )creates the image or message on the Dot matrix .

Step 2: Electronic Components and Setup

The electronic components are;


Dot matrix

Connector or could use wires with a breadboard

Set up of circuit

DIN ( Dot Matrix)connects to pin12 of Arduino

CLK( Dot matrix) connects to pin 11 of Arduino

CS( Dot Matrix) connects to pin 10 of Arduino

Connect 5volt of Arduino To Vcc of the Dot Matrix and connect ground of Arduino to ground of Dot Matrix

Step 3: Conclusion

This shows how a Dot Matrix can count 60-1 and 1-10 .The Codes are included above (first two images)

This Dot matrix which could count could be uses for various applications ( cooking etc)

I hope this instructable helps you to understand Dot Matrix better . Please enjoy the videos .

Thank you