Introduction: Using Excel As a Dashboard

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An often overlooked but very useful tool in Microsoft Excel is the ability to add hyperlinks to objects.
By doing this you can create a visual shortcut page to all the files, websites and even applications you use the most. And you will not have to clutter your desktop with icons.

Step 1: Get Started

- Open a new workbook in excel.

- From the overhead insert tab select a shape and add it to the worksheet.

- Right click and exit/add a name to the shape.

Step 2: Add the Hyperlink

Once to have your shape created and formatted to your liking

- Right click on the shape and select add hyperlink from the menu.

- Select the file or website you want to open with this button.

Step 3: Test It

Now the shape you created is selectable.

Use your new button and make sure it goes where you want it to.

Step 4: Get Fancy

Take your buttons to another level by adding images inside the shapes.

Visual buttons are always easier and faster to recognize.

Step 5: Get Real Fancy

Now add the BAM!! and take it up another notch.

Populate a whole sheet with buttons to create your very own command interface.

Add macros to your buttons and they can open other applications for you, sign you into your email account, display the current time and date.... The inter-web is full of examples to make excel do pretty much whatever you want it to do...