Introduction: Using Hope's Chest Extension to Find Incomplete Temple Ordinance Work Within Your Family Tree on Family Search

The purpose of this instructable is to demonstrate how to search your family tree in Family Search for ancestors with incomplete temple ordinance work using the Hope's Chest extension. Using Hope's Chest can greatly accelerate your search for incomplete temple ordinance work.

These instructions are suited for Google Chrome web browser. Before beginning your search with Hope's Chest, be sure to make an account with Family Search. Additionally, download the Google Chrome extension for Hope's Chest by visiting the Chrome Store. Basic computer skills and a familiarity with the Family Search website are needed.

Time to initiate search: 5-10 minutes

Hope's Chest search run time: variable

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Step 1: Navigate to Your Family Tree.

Begin at the Family Search homepage found at Hover mouse over "Family Tree" header and select "Tree" from drop down menu.

Step 2: Navigate to Position in Family Tree You Would Like to Initiate Your Search From.

Using the arrows on the branches of your family tree, navigate to the position in your family tree you would like to initiate your search from.

Note: Staying as close to your direct line as possible is a good place to start. For example, this might mean initiating your search with your great grandfather. If you know a majority of the temple ordinance work has been completed for those in your direct line, you may want to expand your tree vertically by expanding lines with siblings, nieces and nephews, or cousins rather than moving horizontally through solely child-parent lines. For example, you may wish to initiate your search from a child or cousin of your great grandfather.

Step 3: Select the Name of the Ancestor You Wish to Initiate Search From.

Click on the name of the ancestor you wish to initiate your search from. A pop-up box with a summary of their personal information should appear.

Step 4: View Your Ancestor's Tree.

From your ancestor's pop-up window, select "Tree" in the bottom left corner.

Note: You are now viewing your ancestor's family tree. Previously you were viewing your personal tree and your name appeared as the root on the far left of the tree. Now your ancestor is the root of the tree (as indicated by yellow circle).

Step 5: Select Hope's Chest Search Type.

Click on the Hope's Chest icon on the top right corner of your browser window. From the drop down menu select either "Search Ancestors" or "Search Descendants". A pop-up window titled "Select Label" will appear.

Note: The type of search you initiate will depend upon whether you would like to search your ancestor's ancestors or descendants for incomplete temple ordinance work.

Step 6: (If Using Hope's Chest Plus) Apply Label to Search

Within the pop-up window titled "Select Label", click on the bar under the line inquiring "Which label would you like to apply to this search?". From the drop down menu select the label you would like to apply to this search.

Note: This option is only available with the upgraded Hope's Chest Plus.There is a fee associated with Hope's Chest Plus. Labeling your searches will allow you to keep an organized record of your search history.

Step 7: Initiate Search.

Within the pop-up window titled "Select Label", click "Start Search". This will initiate the search of your ancestor's tree by progressing through their ancestors or descendants.

Note: You will know the search is running if you see a yellow box progressing across your screen while the tree is expanded. If this is not what you see, return to previous steps and initiate the search again.

Step 8: Open Hope's Chest for Live Log of Search.

While the search is running, click on the Hope's chest icon in the top right corner of your browser and select the first option in the drop down, "Hope's Chest".

Note: This window will show a log of names collected by the search that have incomplete temple ordinance work. Periodically refresh the log using the green arrows at the top left for an updated list of names or wait until the search has completed to view all results of the search.

Step 9: Complete Search.

Once Hope's Chest has completed your selected search a dialogue box stating "Finished searching the tree" will appear. Select "OK".

Step 10: Access Ancestor's Page From Hope's Chest Log.

If the Hope's Chest log has been minimized, click the Hope's Chest icon in your taskbar to make it visible again.

From the Hope's Chest log select "Open Person" (orange silhouette icon under "Actions") next to the name of the ancestor whose ordinances you would like to request.

Step 11: Request Ordinances.

You should now be viewing your ancestor's information page. From your ancestor's page you may proceed to the "Ordinances" tab to request incomplete ordinances as per usual Family Search protocol.

Note: It is important to watch for and resolve possible duplicates while using Hope's Chest just as with a manual scan of Family Search.