Introduction: Using Hot Glue to Insulate and Support Soldering Joints

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Hot glue is an awesome semi-permanent material for electronics, I find myself using it frequently.  It is an insulator, it sets quickly, and it can be peeled off if needed.

In the first two images I show how you can use a thin layer of hot glue to insulate a breadboard.  This is useful if you are making a metal enclosure or if you are worried that the breadboard may come into contact with other components in the enclosure.  As shown in the third image, electrical tape is also a good choice for these situations (although sometime sharp points in the solder may poke through the tape).

In last two images you can see how I used hot glue to support and insulate the leads on an audio jack.  This way there is no chance of a short circuit and the soldering joints are less likely to break.

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