Introduction: Using OLED SPI Display in Particle's Photon Board.

Hello, everyone. This is a simple tutorial showing how to use the 7 pin OLED SPI Display that comes within the Particle's "Maker Kit".


All we are going to need is:

  • A small protoboard
  • Particle's Photon
  • 7 pin OLED SPI Display
  • 9 male jumpers

Step 1: Connections

The OLED SPI displays comes with seven pins, GND, VCC, D0, D1, RES, DC, CS. You can find the datasheet on the internet, but I think that will be not necessary for now.

Here's how you have to conect the seven pins: (On the left, display pins. On the right, board pins)

  • VCC -> 3.3V

  • GND -> GND

  • D0 -> A3

  • D1 -> A5

  • RES -> D5

  • DC -> D3

  • CS -> D4

Always double check if the connections are ok. Make it wrong and you may find your board dead later.

Step 2: Code

The code itself is very basic if you already know how to use Arduino. If you don't know, don't be afraid to tinker it around and try to understand what happens if you change something.

This code is entirely based on a previous tutorial from particle. Here's the link:

You may want to upload the code via particle's web IDE:

Or you may also want to flash it locally, but that's a little harder to do now.


Step 3: Vídeo

That's all, folks. If there are any questions, please, do not be afraid to ask.